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Have you ever wanted to get somebody or yourself something, but you just want it to be different. With Petals on Surprise, you get the option to choose between the options of petalin, petal playing, and petal pushin and color, and we’ll handle the rest. Pricing does not include delivery.

Petals On Suprise

    1. Clean vase
    2. Remove all the leaves from the that will fall below the water line (To prevent bacteria).
    3. Fill with lukewarm water (so warm enough for a 1-year-old bubble bath).
    4. Cut your flowers at a 90-degree angle (Cut at the largest angel you can).
    5. Cut your flowers and change your water every 2-3 days.
  • **Please Note: Deliveries are NOT same day - deliveries will be made the next day or on date specified. For Same Day please contact us at 800-293-3565 to confirm prior to ordering.**